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Working visit to the customer's enterprise TM "Royal Smak"


representations of our company visited the production of our regular Customer - the leader of the Ukrainian market, which manufactures its products under the TM: "Royal Smak", "Kuhar Richelieu", "Chuguev Product". The refined taste of mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces and other products of the domestic trade mark rightfully fell in love with the Ukrainian consumer and not only.

It is pleasant to know that the quality of products, confirmed by the choice of the buyer, is created, among other things, on the equipment of our company - "Tavriyapromservice". These are automatic lines for the production and filling of all types of mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, mustard. Also, automatic lines for filling and capping sunflower oil and other products in plastic and glass containers of different format.

During the visit, the management of both companies reviewed the results of the operation of the existing equipment and the prospects for further cooperation to maximize satisfaction of the growing demands of consumers.