Tri-block "3 in 1" for rinsing, filling and capping, dosing according to flow meters

Tri-block "3 in 1" for rinsing, filling and capping, dosing according to flow meters

For automatic filling of liquid and viscous masses for food and non-food purposes into various containers with subsequent sealing with a lid.

Basic set of automatic triblock "3 in 1"

1. Unit for rinsing containers

2. Filling unit with the principle of dosing by flow meters

  • you can fill the following products:
  • sunflower oil;
  • milk, kefir, fermented baked milk, yoghurt (including with inclusions up to 5 mm3);
  • tomato paste, sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise (including hot filling);
  • jams, preserves, preserves, fruit and vegetable purees
  • condensed milk, toppings, syrups, confectionery fillers;
  • drinking water, drinks, compotes, juices (including hot filling);
  • liquid soaps, shampoos, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals;
  • household chemicals, auto chemicals, disinfectants, various oils for non-food purposes.
Material in contact with the product food grade stainless steel
Dosing principle weight / volume weight
Control method auto
Range of container volumes 0.2-10.0 l.
Dosing accuracy 0.15-0.3%
Performance 1,000 - 20,000 units / hour
  • High performance / automation.
  • Simple and convenient operation / maintenance.
  • High precision dosing system.
  • Personnel / product and process protection systems (+ UV radiation).
  • Vacuum system "Anti-drop".
  • Minimum personnel / maintenance costs.
  • Presentable and compact appearance.
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