Technological equipment from the manufacturer

This is a universal equipment on which technological processes for the production of food and non-food products take place. The Tavriyapromservice company (TPS) produces automated VVU KOR lines of the Univac series for the production of mayonnaise, sauce, ketchup, mustard and other products that require brewing, evaporation, and thickening. The basis of the line is a vacuum evaporation plant (VVU) with a capacity of 1000 kg/h. The size of the vacuum evaporation tank VVU 500 - 2000 liters.

TPS equipment can be easily integrated at the Customer's existing workshops and sites.

Original design solutions from Tavriyapromservice allow preparing food products on VVU KOR lines without adding preservatives and dyes with excellent taste and other organoleptic properties: both homogeneous and with inclusions.

Tavriyapromservice can develop a «turnkey» workshops project for the production of mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces and other products using the Univac line, and modernize the existing equipment under the terms of the Customer.

Packaging equipment from the manufacturer

The company "Tavriyapromservice" manufactures high-performance automatic equipment for filling liquid and viscous food and non-food products with subsequent capping with a plastic lid by twisting or slamming and for filling in tubes of the "CHAB" type.

We also offer lines of volume-weight dosing (linear), and weight (more efficient - rotary) for bottling sunflower oil, mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, condensed milk, dairy products, food and non-food products.

Automatic filling machines for thick masses are effective for bottling not only mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, mustard, but also thicker masses: tomato paste, preserves, jams, pates, curd and fruit masses and other products.

The CHA 5000 machine also efficiently packs in tubes of the CHAB type: ice cream, pates, minced meat, cheeses and cheese masses, many other food and non-food products (including household chemicals).

All equipment is characterized by high accuracy and a wide range of dosing, bottling and packing, safety of personnel, processes and finished products. The TPS packaging equipment is universal in nature and can be easily integrated with the existing equipment of the Customer, it is easy and quick to maintain, clean, adjust to various modes and container formats. Able to work for a long time in intensive mode, economical.


Pump equipment

The Tavriyapromservice (TPS) company offers high-performance pumps: homogenizers of own design, at the level of the best European samples screw pumps and dispersants of its own assembly and pumps from leading world manufacturers: vacuum, centrifugal, cam, rotary, impeller, gear.

Material in contact with food is made of food grade stainless steel. All pumps are selected for performance, easily serviced and readjusted to the required operating modes, built into the existing equipment of the Customer.

Conveyor systems

Depending on the type of cargo being transported, conveyors are offered: plate, belt, modular, roller, trough, etc.

TPS conveyors are easy to maintain, have the ability to centralize control and, therefore, are easily integrated into automatic lines and other equipment of the Customer.


Affordable price from the manufacturer, European quality of equipment and service - an advantageous offer for your business.